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Commercial development in Denver has become something of a balancing act between preserving unique historical elements of the city’s rich history and providing current amenities that the next generation desires. One of the ways this happens is through thoughtful renovation of older buildings. This helps to preserve communities, while giving them a renewed vibrance. Denver possesses a bevy of buildings from older generations that can benefit from this up and coming trend.

The city’s rich history bears witness to its roots as a key industrial and transportation hub over the past century. The continuing influx of new residents to the Denver area is fostering an emerging reputation in a multitude of industries. Some of these include the private aerospace industry (#1 state), creative class occupations (#6 state for concentration), and the tech industry (#3 state for concentration). Start-ups also enjoy Colorado being the 4th ranked state for start-up activity.

Here at Taurus, we believe in the coupling of superior craftsmanship with attention to the unique value of every detail. This applies to both fresh design concepts and remodels of existing spaces. We aim for our clients to feel inspired and proud of the spaces we create for them. Contact us today so we can work with you to craft your dream office or building.

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