Project type: Restaurant

Location: Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas Street, Aurora, CO

Square footage: 1,609 sf

Scope: Full build-out

Challenge/Results: A beautiful and unique space, the most challenging part of the Boychik build-out was accomplishing cohesive and precisely measured furred-out walls, rounded bump-outs and alcove arches in the space. If the bump-outs and alcove arches did not have the exact same radius and elevations, it would have stood out immediately. The results were beautiful matching arches with Limewash textured paint.

Another challenge was the light fixtures in the seating area, which were uniquely shaped and had to be perfectly in line with each other and at consistent elevations. After many adjustments to bring the fixtures into perfect alignment, the lighting really stands out as a feature of the space.

Project Partners Include:

Architect/Designer: Dam Good Interiors