Coco Marie Salon (Cherry Creek)


Project type: Salon Remodel

Location: 1000 S. Colorado Blvd Ste 105, Glendale, CO

Square footage: 1,460 sf

Scope: Re-purpose shopping center retail to high-end salon space,

Challenge/Results: The main decorative feature of the salon – a beautiful floating brass slat system above the washing stations – required great attention to detail and alignment. After hanging the main Unistrut support system, it was imperative to position the brass slats and linear S4 lights in the center of the room. The effect, once completed, became a focal point of the space.

Working in a retail center, alongside operational businesses, required communication and coordination: ensuring that businesses were aware of crucial deliveries and loud days of construction helped. Ultimately, being good neighbors to the surrounding businesses and maintaining polite and friendly relationships ensured that we could continue to work normal hours and shifts without interruption.  

Project Partners Include:

Architect: Regular Architecture